Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ideas for MOD Fundraiser

Hello All,
I have been so busy at work, that any time left I had I used to cook dinner, do chores at home and sleep! But I am having creative withdrawls! Hehehehe have you ever experience those?
Anyway, I am trying to get organized and I am happy to report, that I will start a new project today!!!
Here are the details:
I am in the process of creating, cards, bags, and books for a March of Dimes fundraiser.
Every year at work, we have different fundraisers (last year my group did a Relaxation basket and raiser over $500 bucks!) Other departments did different things too, sold baked goods, scarfs, book sales, etc, etc and this year we decided to have me make some cards, and paper crafts in order to raise some money for March of Dimes (MOD)

If you all have any ideas of easy, nice looking cards, please let me know... As you all know I am still very new to this and I suffer from creator's block very often! Hehehehe :0)

Anyway, I already have some ideas and some bags made so I will add some pictures shortly!Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!
If you'd like some more info on March of Dimes please visit their site:

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Christina Hill said...

What a great idea. Have you looked at Kristina Werner's blog? She has very simple card ideas that are easily reproduced. You will probably want to do some assembly line type of production, either making all one kind of card or a few variations of a theme. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!