Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Images

Here are just a few of the images that I like:

I don't know why lately I have this thing for calaveritas (skulls) not the scary kind, but the nice, funny ones!

This is also one of the new images I've found online... I like the way they combined the pink within the black and white picture. Plus who doesn't enjoy a nice, long, passionate kiss ;)

This is always a nice slogan to live by...

This image is specially nice to me, because this is how I think of my natal Mexico City... Chilanga de Corazon!

This is just a fun pic that I got from Lucy. I think it's hilarious!

I hope to add more later on...


Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Projects

Okay, here are the projects that I did in my Stampin' Up class in September... Aren't they cute?
I still can not believe that it is so easy and soo incredible relaxing!
I had the worst week at work, and by Friday I was ready to quit! (which of course I didn't!)
All I could look forward to was my class on Friday... and I was not dissapointed! I had so much fun and I love creating different things! I hope you enjoy them as much as me..

More August Creations

Newest Creations August

In my quest to keep me occupied and nurture my creative mind, I have joined a stamp club and I love it! Here are some of the items I have created. All the items were made with Stampin' Up products. Please feel free to comment on them, just be nice! Remember I am new at this ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

A New Start

ok, here it goes!
Today was the first day of my new life. I have decided to make better choices in order to better my health and my mindset. I made the decision to stop eating junk food not only because I want to stop taking my blood pressure medication, but also because I hope I can loose some weight too!
So the deal is this, from September 1st until the end of the year I will not drink any soda, I will not eat any fried food and I will not any bread unless it is whole wheat.
This is a huge deal for me because I LOVE fried food! French fries are the best, BUT my health is the priority from now on.
I know this is not going to be easy, but I do believe I can make it.
I will continue to post as time progresses.

TaTa for now.

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